Forget BYOD. It seems that a new acronym that may take off is Bring Your Own Team.

Stripe’s CEO has an interesting point. So many organisations look for their next shining star, without stopping to think about what fit you need within your organisation. After all, for every charismatic “ideas man” you need someone task-orientated that can finish the job at hand.

Wouldn’t it be a much more honest and transparent interview process if, instead of dressing up a weakness as a positive (we’ve all been there), you can explain how each person’s strengths and weakness create a winning team. And you often have the results to prove it. Equally, interviews generally favour those willing to brag about their accomplishments, meaning the quiet superstars can be overlooked. In a group interview the most confident one can sing praises for the whole group.

However, is this really such a novel way of recruiting? In some fields like the legal and business world, whole teams are often poached by competitors. They surely realise the importance of a winning team combination. This takes that notion and turns it on its head.