“The industry is ripe for disruption” is such a common phrase nowadays, especially if you read the likes of Tech Crunch and Entrepreneur.

Too often companies keep an eye on their competition without considering what their customers need. Just because your competitors aren’t doing it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be. Our constant exposure in daily life to truly game-changing technologies and engaging experiences means that the bar is set. This article truly resonates with what we find with clients and prospects.

We often see such a difference between sectors in the take-up of modern approaches to marketing that focus on the customer experience. Inbound marketing is the approach we follow to do this, by attracting people with meaningful content at the time they are looking for it – not shoving our message in front of people. It’s big in the States and more entrepreneurial UK companies are now catching on. However, if you take a look around more traditional industries like professional services, many marketing efforts are still lagging behind.

The bar may not be set in your industry yet – and that presents an opportunity and a threat. You can be the disruptor or you can be left lagging behind.