Sometimes you read a content marketing blog and wonder why you'd not written about the subject yourself. This is one of those times.  

As an inbound marketer and big lover of Airbnb (I am like a police dog when it comes to sniffing out a deal), I remember the first time I clicked on Airbnb's blog for some destination inspiration...and my feeling of disappointment at being told of the latest updates to their site, etc, etc. 

Cue disbelief . This is an entrepreneurial, cutting-edge company. Go online and everyone wants to emulate their success. In tech forums people are asking how much it would cost to build the "Airbnb of the [insert your sector here]".

As Grow and Convert point out, they are missing a vital trick. Where are the guides to, "The most romantic destinations off the beaten track" or even related content plug-ins of, "Like this [quirky concept stay] ? You may love this: [quirky concept restaurant]". These guides would draw people in at the research stage and create an amazing searchable database of experience to draw upon for those already using the site.

As others have said, there must be reasons behind their approach. 

I was about to say I look forward to seeing how they respond, but they have. It seems like Airbnb will continue to grow their amazing brand with content curation. 

Here's too many more holidays off the beaten track at amazing prices in the future...