Ok ok it's not actually magic, but this is an interesting concept, displaying an app on your phone differently dependent on the time of day. We've all fired up social media before trying to get some shut eye (yes I know very very bad for trying to get to sleep) and suddenly illuminated a darkened room like sending a flare up which hurts your eyes and can wake other parties in the room.

Thinking about it, it seems weird to me there's not more night mode stuff going on. My old Garmin sat nav from 2005 had a night mode on it (not sure if the new one has, hasn't got a pass-code lock either, progress huh?) which didn’t have a light sensor on it just switched dependent on time of day and season. Odd then that smart phones with their accoutrement of sensors don't do the same. Yes the screens can be set to autodim in low light, but I wonder if the data about the ambient surroundings is accessible through the app or browser to adjust the colour scheme accordingly?

My iPhone has an automatic setting on it so that between certain hours it goes into do not disurb mode, so marketing emails don’t wake me up when they bizarrely get delivered at midnight, and I don't have to remember to turn vibrate back on again in the morning. A night mode setting something along those lines might be cool.

I've always thought it weird when a website displays your current time and date, but I wonder if anyone is actively using the users time settings to display the site differently? In the past I’ve done welcome messages differently dependent on the time of day, I wonder if there's any examples of loading different stylesheets using that info?  Would love to hear from anyone who's seen or even done something cool with that.