Google have launched yet another new tool for measuring mobile friendliness and speed.

Have a wander over to (I'd use Google Chrome to view this, even though it's a bit clunky still, Firefox seemed to hate it...) and put in your site address and then reel in horror at the scores!

No tbh everyone who has referenced it has had a pretty poor mobile speed score, especially when compared to the desktop score. I've found this to be the case when I've reviewed speed scores in Google Analytics.

A lot of the issues come from the media you have on the page being too big for mobile. Obviously images are set to scale but if Google thinks you're serving up images too large for the device it'll penalise you for it. Both HubSpot and WordPress have begun to address this issue by serving up responsive images dependent on the size of the device requesting the image.

I am of the opinion that mobile device speed is less important to the end user compared to mobile friendliness, I know I often give up completely on a site that isn't mobile friendly, but I'm more likely to blame my connection for one that's slow. Google isn't as forgiving so you should put as much effort as possible into getting your site fast on the a mobile. 

Ours sites tend to be hit with penalties about JavaScript and stylesheets in the header of the document, but frankly we've minimised this as much as possible, and moving them to the footer would break it, so I think it's a bit unfair to be marked down for it, so don't beat yourself up if you get the same issues.

It does seem a bit slow to calculate its findings so give it a minute or two to cast its aspersions!