Passle is a tool that empowers busy experts to create content. We make it possible for small businesses to create content without having a marketing team. However, it can be even more powerful when fully integrated with a marketing team.

As I see it, marketing teams can and should play a vital role when it comes to sourcing and encouraging content, monitoring content, and distributing content. I’ve outlined a few suggestions below:

The marketing team as Editor

  • Editorial Calendar. The marketing team should create a calendar for their experts, giving them a clear idea of what kind of content they could be creating each week or month. This is where the marketing team's experience and knowledge are a huge asset.
  • Content suggestions. The marketing team can help guide fee earners towards good sources of inspiration/content, as well as suggest topics they might want to cover. Again, the marketer’s ‘bigger picture’ angle can be incredibly helpful.
  • Language. In certain professions it can be hard for fee earners to let go of technical jargon, or to put themselves in the shoes of their audience. The marketing team can use Passle’s approval system to help to make sure each piece of content is the best version of itself.
  • Feedback. The marketing team’s access to analytics means that they can see which content is performing best and help to encourage fee earners to replicate or improve on past successes.

The marketing team as Distributor

  • Official channels. Marketing teams have access to resources fee earners are not likely to, such as the company website and its associated social media networks. They should utilise this to share and promote their content.
  • Email marketing. Marketing teams should also make the most of Passle’s newsletter tool to distribute the fee earner’s content to a wider audience.
  • Employee advocacy. The marketing team should encourage authors to share their content on social media and provide training where necessary. Additionally, the marketing team should also share the content internally so that staff not using Passle also feel encouraged to share this content and thus amplify its reach.
  • Extending its shelf life. Part of the marketing team’s role can involve looking at the great content produced and wondering where it can be used next. Could it be transformed into a webinar? Would that LinkedIn group love it? Could it convince that event to invite your fee-earner to speak?

If you think of any others, do let me know at!